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2022 BRITE Internship Advertisements

View the BRITE Internship Advertisements for 2022 below. The application deadline to apply to the advertisements will be March 1, 2022. The deadline to submit the full application/agreement to the committee will be March 15, 2022.

Coastal Douglas-fir Conservation Partnership (CDFCP)

Project Title: Monitoring the Effects of Forestry Thinning on Carbon Sequestration, Biodiversity and Fire Risk
Term: Flexible start date, March 2022-June 2022 (9 weeks)
Keywords: Monitoring, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, fire risk, forestry, species at risk, ecosystems at risk, Coastal Douglas-fir Forest and Community Forests
Location: based in Surrey, BC 

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City of Surrey, Parks-Urban Forestry 

Project Title: Biodiversity Monitoring in the City of Surrey
Term: flexible, June 2022-September 2022
Keywords: Urban biodiversity, conservation biology, wildlife monitoring, ecological community monitoring, citizen science, data analysis, GIS analysis, stewardship
Location: remote, with some in-person meeting options

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Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

Project Title: Assessing how birds live, reproduce, and survive in the lower mainland of BC
Term: Flexible start date, Mix of part-time and full time, full time for ~6 weeks in May and June, part-time April, July, August, September
Keywords: Urban birds, conservation biology, nature-based climate solutions, biodiversity, ornithology, Motus Wildlife Tracking System, habitat variation
Location: remote, with field work based in Delta, BC 

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Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Canadian Wildlife Service Branch

Project Title: Developing a Spatial Database for Restoration Activities
Term: flexible, September-November, 12 weeks
Keywords: Conservation; restoration; habitat; birds; land trusts; GIS; database; protected areas
Location: remote, based in Delta, BC 

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ESSA Technologies, International Development Team

Project Title: Quantitative Ecosystem Services Valuation for Mangrove Restoration
Term: May 15-August 15, 2022
Keywords: Economic valuation, ecosystem services, nature-based solutions, blue carbon, fisheries productivity, InVEST, modeling
Location: remote, site visit in Jamaica 

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