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Michael Hawkes

Professor Emeritus


Faculty of Science

I have broad natural history interests with a special fondness for marine, mountain, and desert ecosystems. Since 1972 my marine research has focused on the seaweed flora of British Columbia (natural history, systematics, and reproductive biology). Part of this work has involved conducting intertidal and subtidal surveys along many portions of the British Columbia coast as well as in Washington, California, New Zealand and Australia. I spent three years working for the University of Auckland's Leigh Marine Laboratory.

As a biologist I am especially concerned with loss of organismal diversity, and with ecosystem services. I have therefore taken an active role in conservation issues, especially the status of marine protected areas in British Columbia.

I have a general interest in natural history and broad background in organismal diversity; as a result my departmental teaching has focused on introductory and organismal courses. I am especially concerned that students gain an appreciation for organisms in the context of their environments and to this end attempt to give them field experience wherever possible.

My marine research interests are in the following areas: 1. The natural history, biogeography, and systematics of Pacific Northwest & New Zealand seaweed floras; 2. Reproductive biology of red algae, and 3. The role of marine protected areas (MPA's) in coastal zone conservation strategies.

At the drier-plant end of the spectrum, I have a keen interest in the biology and horticulture of succulent plants (especially those on C.I.T.E.S. Appendix I & II).