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November 24, 2021

2212 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

host: UBC-O

Title: Monitoring, modelling, and managing multiple ecosystem services in Canada’s working landscapes

Abstract: The current scale, rate, and intensity of anthropogenic change is unprecedented, and has evoked broad discussion about how these changes will affect the future of the planet. Indeed, we are unnecessarily threatening our own security by undermining natural capital and the provision of ecosystem services. Agricultural landscapes can provide multiple ecosystem services, including food, high quality freshwater, opportunities for recreation, and flood control. Yet, a narrow focus on food production can unintentionally undermine the delivery of other key services. Ecosystem services can be a very effective organizing principle for meeting the food needs of a growing global population while maintaining resilient provision of other services in agroecosystems. In this talk, Dr. Elena Bennett will show how the science of ecosystem services can be used to guide natural resource management and limit anthropogenic change while providing for human well-being, focusing on examples from Canada’s agricultural landscapes.

Biodiversity Research Seminar Series (BRS)

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